Maternal Gift Economy: Breaking Through -
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Salon #58 - The Gift of Shared Purpose for Uniting People and Movements

February 24, 2024


Featuring Miki Kashtan, Vanda Perez Bessone, Emma Quayle, and Menaka Neotia. Moderated by Letecia Layson.

Imagine coming together to materialize the Maternal Gift Economy...

What would be the vision that pulls us? How would we coalesce the gifts each of us brings? How would we know what is ours to do? What would support us to mourn and celebrate enough to care for the seed that was given to us by life? How would we embody the vision, without repeating the past, as we take baby steps towards the future? And what would keep us together when inevitable challenges arise?

This salon is designed as an experiment in how all of us who come might answer these questions from where we each are as individuals and movements.

Miki Kashtan is the seed founder, Emma Quayle is a founding member, and Menaka Neotia and Vanda Perez Bessone are also part of the Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) community. You can read their full bios here. NGL's most radical experiment is about prototyping a global maternal gift economy. Everything that happens within NGL is based on gifts freely given: of thought, love, conversation, intimacy, tasks, teaching, and money. The NGL framework includes design and implementation processes that arise from engaging with all the above questions.

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