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Salon #65 - Practicing the Gift Economy in Italy

Featuring Maya Vassallo Di Florio, Stefania Belli and Sabina Santovetti. With Genevieve Vaughan.

Moderated by Letecia Layson.

June 1, 2024

Stefania Belli

I am Italian, born in Rome, where I have always lived, married in 1990, I am the mother of two sons and am a grandmother.

When I was about six years old I started asking myself why humans had invented money and I thought it was useless. I observed all the other beings in nature living peacefully in abundance with a natural economy, without using money. I dreamed in a clear and reasonable way of the disappearance of money and the end of poverty, war and violence. In 2022 I met another dreamer, Paolo Melandra, with the same wish, the founder of the gift economy project called Donare Italia. I immediately began collaborating with the project as coordinator of the network in Latium and became a member of the council, practicing the gift economy and spreading the word about it.

At the same time in the world that uses money, for 40 years I have been an artisan , primarily a tailor, upholsterer for indoors and outdoors and for antique cars. I also practice other trades for self sufficiency: carpenter, electrician, plumber, mason, and I do beekeeping, gardening and landscaping.

In May 2022 I started the first Donare Italia network in Rome in the Province of Latium and now there are 7 networks in this region. Many events have already taken place and many more are being planned.

Website of the gift economy project:, telegram information channel:

Sabina Santovetti

Sabina Santovetti, 65 years old, Italian, mother, architect, designer, teacher, spiritual ecologist and artist runs a Boutique Architecture & Design Firm in Rome. Her Eco-sophy focus on Spiritual Feminine Ecology. She is starting a school retreat ecovillage on the hills of Umbria in Narni with the name of MatriCulture.The opening will be in July 2024 welcoming the Cultural Dimension of the second edition of SHE-EDE, Ecovillage Design Education.

Maya Vassallo Di Florio

Maya Vassallo Di Florio is the founder of the first modern Goddess temple in Italy. She started the Goddess Temple of Rome, and its community with the intent of creating healthier models of existence, educating participants towards a new social paradigm. She provides courses of study and research based on the matricentric values of care, Gift Economy, peaceful communication, partnership, respect for the planet and love of life in all its forms. She collaborates with La Sapienza University and gives talks and workshops about Goddess Spirituality and Matriarchy throughout Italy and the world. Some projects of international relevance are: "Three Year Training Priestess of the Sea - Priestess of Aphrodite"©, "Re-Activation of :Goddess Ancient Temples and Places", "Roma Goddess Conference"©.

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